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Totem ~ Eagles Human Legacy

Totem ~ Eagles Human Legacy


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This carved totem measures approx. 6″H with wings 6″ W, made of old growth Native yellow cedar grown deep in the rain forests of Southeast Alaska

Handmade by Alaska Black Diamond, Ward Cove Alaska

Eagles Human Legacy

I hear him, Grandfather. His call is echoing off the hills. It sounds so important.

He beckons you, my son, to look into the future, as he has done. For it is Eagle who has the most powerful vision. It is he who represents prestige and power. Eagle has always protected this village from harm. You are of the Eagle clan, my son. Follow in Eagles’s direction.Become strong like his wings, powerful as his call. Eagle will always guide you.

Grandfather, you know Eagle well.

Yes, my son, for I am he.


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