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Spirit Totems Birthday Animal ~ The Otter (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Spirit Totems Birthday Animal ~ The Otter (Jan 20-Feb 18)


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Brilliant and imaginative, the Otter has an un-conventional and unique perspective of the world. Often very intuitive and attentive, Otter Spirits make good friends. In relationships, the Otter is courageous, sensitive, sympathetic and honest.

Designed by Canadian Artist: Roxanne Dick

Roxanne Dick is from the Lil’wat Nation, an Interior Salish First community in British Columbia, Canada. As an Ambassador for her nation she enjoys sharing her culture with quests that visit the Sea to Sky Valley located in her traditional territory. Her art and craftsmanship is influenced by her rich cultural traditions, combined with her own modern flair.

100% Lead Free Pewter


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