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Paddle Earrings ~ Frog

Paddle Earrings ~ Frog


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Because of his tendency to croak a warning when anything approached the Frog was often used to symbolize the guardian. He was also credited with the ability to draw out evil supernatural powers with tongue. The Frog is usually recognized by his wide grin.

Danny Dennis

A Tsimshian native artist of the Fog Clan, Danny Dennis was born in 1951 at the Ciltskan Village of Kitwanga. Danny’s art reflects the beauty of his homeland. combining his past with his present day experiences. A self-taught artist, Danny cites mentors such as master artists Francis Williams and Robert Davidson as inspiration ever since pursuing his professional artistic career in 1978. Danny carves indigenous materials such as ivory and mastodon bone. His traditional design work is enjoyed by collectors of finely carved gold and silver jewelry.


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