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Monty Charlie

Monty Charlie

August 16, 2018

~Penelakut Tribe~

From: Kuper Island, B.C. I am a survivor of the Kuper Island Residential School and from that I have no formal education as per say but I am proud of my teachings from my grandparents who raised me until I was taken away from them and put into the boarding school.

With many goals and one is to carve and the other is to speak our Native language. I have no work but my carvings are my income and also being on the right path to wellness and health for myself and also for my wife. I am self – taught and that is an accomplishment I work hard at in knowing I will improve in my carvings and art work on the carvings.

In sharing this I wish you the best and safe journey from where you travelled and should you want more carvings leave a message and someone will get in contact with me. Again thank you.

~Monty & Antoinette Charlie

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